Very Productive Day!

On days were I make it in bed, but still feel accomplished means I’m winning!

I cannot end the day without sending a huge THANK YOU and shout out to my friends and family that are constantly sending me leads and referrals for graphic design opportunities. Besides it showing that my passion is important to them, I am so grateful that they think of my work and skills enough to potentially share with the world.

I was watching (more like listening) to Oprah’s Master Class on O dot com as she interviewed India.Arie and this quote not only stuck with me, it got me through the day: “Your real job in the world is to be you.” On days or weeks or months and for some years where you feel like you want to quit or feel like being you isn’t enough, remember that it is! Chances are there are a list of people that are admiring you and thinking about what you mean to them.

Pull positive energy from people that not only are successful, but comfortable with sharing the struggles of how they got there. Most of them will say that they wanted to quit at some point or another. Don’t give up! <—that was for me too.

DIY – Push Pin Board

This is a recycled project. I originally made this oversized piece with the damask pattern for the headboard over the platform bed I also “Did Myself”. When I moved locations from one home to the next, I decided that I no longer wanted it to function as my headboard, but rather an oversized push pin board to display photographs that I was given by family and friends or photographs I’d taken myself.

The decorative nails and ribbon was added after its use as a headboard to give it the support needed to hold photographs.


Graphics: Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Historical Timeline


For nearly ninety years Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. has been bringing “Greater Service, Greater Progress” to communities in the United States, North Korea, Bermuda, Germany, Africa, Bahamas and beyond. Within these years, history books (Behind These Doors, 1974 and The Legacy Continues, 1994) have been written with stories from the organizations founders, minutes from national meetings and chapter activities, but until 2011 the history of the organization was never displayed.


I began working on this 7 month project using publications of the organization’s magazine, the history book, internet research, etc. to compile information not readily available to the membership and visitor to the International Corporate Headquarters of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.