I am a native of Matthews, North Carolina and a lover of travel! I have a goal of one state and one international country a year. So far I have visited 34 states and 7 countries.

Sports and the arts were two things that always had my attention; I love hands on involvement. I enjoyed sports for my competitive nature.  With the arts, it just came natural to me. I would see a normal day and make it a movie; I would see a piece of paper and make it a masterpiece, I just saw the world differently than others around me.

Although I have always had a creative mind, I didn’t nurture it until my sophomore year of college. For so many years I was told art was a hobby and couldn’t be a career. I believed everyone that said that until one day I was sitting in chemistry, beyond confused. That same semester I was enrolled in “Intro to Graphic Design” and I was in love! While in that chemistry class I would make plans on how my next design project would be better than the last. That infamous confused day in chemistry ended with me walking out of class, straight to the registrar’s office to drop that class and change my major to art. Finally, I was free.

I immediately began taking classes that would shape me to be a well rounded visual communicator. In 2008, I obtained my Bachelors in Fine Arts with a concentration in Design from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I applied the skills learned with the Adobe Creative Suite to create company branding, family photography and heirlooms, conference workbooks, and promotion items.

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