OVERVIEW: I was doing my daily unwind and watched a little “tv” on Hulu. I’m not much of a television person, but I do have several networks and/or shows that I will spend time catching up on. I noticed that the ads that were running on the different networks shows seemed to be different. I don’t think that I noticed that before.

Carvana: “Keep Moving”

Carvana has gotten my attention more than once. I always wondered how well they were doing as a company to sell cars without having people test drive it before the click “purchase”. Most people fall in love by driving it.

This time in life couldn’t be more perfect for Carvana than this. With the stay at home orders in place all over the country, buying a car (if you can’t wait – just like the ad says) is as simple as browsing models and names that you know from the comfort of your home. They assure viewers that this process can be done 100% from home, provides a touchless delivery (as the customer care agent is putting on gloves), and they give potential buyers the assurance regarding their 7-day return policy.

They end by saying “Check out Carvana, the safer way to buy a car”.

Television Show: Fixer Upper (HGTV)
Objective: Sell cars
Target Market: Adults in the market for cars
Call to Action: Purchase a car now, not after the pandemic.
Value Proposition: Convenience. Buyers do not have to leave their homes and risk their lives to test drive cars that may have COVID-19 residue on surfaces. They are advertising a “touchless” process.

Apple: “Creativity Goes On”

Apple does it again, this time in 1 minute and 37 seconds. They pay to your emotions and remind you why your Apple device(s) are a major part of your life. The commercial shows real consumers using their products to stay connected and stay creative during this global pandemic.

The ad begins with still images depicting people “staying home”. Eventually they integrate in videos that make you smile and relate – a photographer capturing life milestones, someone reading a book to a child, a child playing chess with a digital opponent. They even used footage of Oprah to talking to her audience, on an apple device, about what we are currently experiencing.

The commercial ends with the simplicity of white words on a black background reminding us that “creativity goes on”.

Television Show: Blackish (ABC)
Objective: Sell Apple devices
Target Market: Everyone (including kids, even if their parents are the buyers)
Call to Action: Keep being creative, with Apple products
Value Proposition: Make connections and capture memories even in rough times. This is when you need it the most. Apple products help you do that.


Duke Health: “You’re Why”

The Duke name holds a lot of weight in North Carolina, even if you are a Tarheel fan! Sometimes major corporations can feel distant and out of touch with their customer and patients. With this commercial, Duke Health reminds us that the patient is the “why”.

The commercial starts with a nurse asking herself “why do I do what I do?”. The visuals go on to show us why as she and the Duke Health family, also tells us “why”.

Television Show: Blackish (ABC)
Objective: Sell a service
Target Market: Adults, Parents
Call to Action: Choose Duke Health
Value Proposition: Compassion. They want you to remember Duke Health when you are making those healthcare decisions.

Progressive (Insurance): “Motormouth”

This commercial, like most Progressive commercials, is relayed with humor. While having insurance (or not) is a serious conversation, Progressive has found a comical way of telling consumers that their insurance is the best insurance.

In this commercial the progressive agents are “communicating” with a bike. Although the bike doesn’t actually speak, they know what the bike is saying. It actually took me watching this commercial several times to get it. It’s a commercial about motorcycle insurance. This motorcycle speaks to one Progressive agent about an “emergency”. The first agent stops what he is doing (because of the motorcycle) to help the second agent – whom only needs change for a dollar *insert humor*. The second agent is in the middle of the desert.

This commercial advertisement is telling us that progressive motorcycle insurance is reliable in two ways: (1) they will help you wherever you are and (2) no emergency is too small.

Television Show: Keeping Up With the Kardashians (E!)
Objective: Sell a service
Target Market: Adults that drive (motorcyclists)
Call to Action: Buy insurance with Progressive
Value Proposition: Safety. If you are ever in an accident, you want to know that you have insurance that will cover you.

Milkbone: Goldfish Jogging

Sex is normally the seller. Humor is a close second. This commercial actually had me laughing out loud. It starts with a man jogging. At first he was jogging alone. At 0:12 we see that he is jogging with a fish…in a bowl. Water smashing everywhere. That clearly wasn’t working for him! The look on his face: frustration.

Approximately 10 seconds laters the company name flashes on the screen and the narrator says “Life’s more fun with a dog”. In the next frame he is running with a dog. The look on his face: happiness.

The dog made the man happy and at the end the man makes the dog happy with a Milkbone.

Television Show: Dr. Pimple Popper (TLC)
Objective: Sell a product
Target Market: Dog owners/lovers
Call to Action: Buy a dog and/or Milkbone
Value Proposition: Man’s best friend.

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  1. Hi Elaina,
    I really enjoyed the Creativity Goes On ad. A lot of people seemed to be stuck in waiting mode, and this ad captures people who are making the best out of a tough situation. It’s effective because it gets people thinking that they can get themselves unstuck if they had an Apple laptop.

    1. Tripp,

      The Creativity Goes On was probably my favorite ad, if I had to choose. Apple moved fast on this one. They have a way of creating hope through their products and definitely in their messaging here.I like the way you put that: “It’s effective because it gets people thinking that they can get themselves unstuck if they had an Apple laptop.”. Very nice.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  2. The Progressive “Motormouth” ad was very interesting. I really enjoyed how they went to the “almost absurd” setting, but still made it seem like a normal, everyday occurrence. I have been impressed with their ads over the years.

    1. Colby,

      I saw the motormouth ad so many time and on several different stations, but it was so hard to find online! I actually didn’t pay attention to the ad at first because it didn’t make sense to me, but I respected it because Progressive has so many great commercials. I, too, have been impressed by their ads over the years.

      Thanks for your engagement on my posts!


  3. Elaina,
    Good selection of TV ads here, I think they each had some great elements to them. I’m a sucker for ads with humor. I thought the milkbone ad was hilarious and really showed off the product as a favorite of dogs and dog owners. Good job on your analysis!

    1. Jake,

      Ad humor is the best! I really love ads that either make me laugh hysterically or shed a few tears. I prefer the laughter 🙂

      Thanks for your participation in my ad posts!

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