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Credit: https://www.sobpedro.com/pedros-blog/classic-south-of-the-border-billboards

South of the Border: Billboard

Established in 1949, anyone that has driven the I-95 corridor has seen at least 20 South of the Border bill boards. Present day, there are around 175 billboards north and south from the Virginia/North Carolina state lines to the South Carolina/Georgia state lines. At one time there were more than 250 unique billboards from Philadelphia, PA to Daytona Beach, FL. Many of these billboards are on I-95. They are also north and south on Highway 301/501, east and west on Highways 9 & 17. There are a few billboards on I-20. Here are more examples of the billboards.

Alan Schafer, had a vision similar to “build it and they will come”. That’s true, if they know about it. With billboards lining the the east coast, it was impossible to not be curious enough to stop at South of the Border in an extremely unassuming location. If not for the 100 foot tall statue of “Pedro”, no one would stop in Hamer, South Carolina. If you blink, you miss it. Even on the way to the beach.

Although Myrtle Beach is on the way, it isn’t that close to the location of South of the Border. However, using a beach name that was visited by people around the United States, Schafer was smart enough to market items people would use at the beach.

Objective: Attract visitors
Target Market: Kids, adults, vacationers
Call to Action: Visit South of the Border to buy gifts and food
Value Proposition: Save money. Beach shops near the beach can be expensive. This advertisement is attracting beach goers to stop at this store for more bang for your buck.

Auto Zone: Window Decals

The store is located off of a busy street located in Durham, North Carolina. There is car traffic, but there is also foot traffic (sidewalks leading to city trails makes it accessible to pedestians). Accessibility to pedestrians is perfect because if you are having car trouble and your car won’t stop, maybe Auto Zone has what you need!

This set of side windows displays 5 window clings of combination specials for like products. Bundles are a great way of attracting customers to your business because most people want to feel like they are getting more than what they are paying for.

These color advertisements on the window are great because while you may be attracted to the bright colors, you can still see in the business.

Objective: Sell auto parts
Target Market: Mechanics, Do It Yourself People
Call to Action: Make a Purchase
Value Proposition: Save money

Pressure Washing: Yard Sign

This is the face of small business or “side hustle” marketing. Yard signs are cheap, but can yield much success. If it works, it is a great return on investment.

This simple white sign with black writing on the end of the natural area was strategically placed this sign on the pathway to the Main Street from a Lowes Home Store.

Objective: Attract home owners
Target Market: Homeowners
Call to Action: Purchase service
Value Proposition: Low price on low cost advertising

BoJangles: Yard Sign

BoJangles is no stranger to yard signs. I have seen them advertise products this way before. They probably even had this one (not so) tucked away in a closet. It’s relevant now because the unemployment rate is currently as high as it has been in decades. Businesses with dining rooms are also experiencing challenges in the current economy. More people are staying at home, thus more people are cooking.

There are some; however, that cannot deny the savory taste of BoJangles. This sign does two things: it tells us that the company is still open for business and they are looking to expand their team.

Objective: Apply for a job
Target Market: Unemployed citizens
Call to Action: Seek employment
Value Proposition: Employment opportunity

Latino’s Diner: Street Menu Sign

The street menus are so effective. There are some people in this world that are creatures of habit and will go to the same places over and over. When you are in a new city or a new country, that’s not always possible. You can look on review apps like Trip Advisor, Yelp, etc. to see what other people are saying about the best places in town to eat or you can simply take a chance.

I have stopped at new places to eat strictly off of seeing the street menu sign and what they were serving/offering. This approach is hit or miss, but the restaurant got the business regardless!

This method is great for the business, even if it isn’t a sign like this, because it allows customers to see the menu without having to wait for a table or even go inside.

Objective: Attract customers to eat in their restaurant
Target Market: Hungry People Walking By (Foodies)
Call to Action: Come inside and eat our food
Value Proposition: Value. Most companies are going to list menu items that show that they have variety or moderately priced food options.