My dad lived has lived in Pittsburgh for the last 15 years, up until a few months ago. He moved back to his hometown which is only about 1.75 hours away. Being this close has allowed me to spend more time with him. In this time I have help him pick out lighting, flooring, paint colors and combinations, and all the small finishings a renovated home would need. It still looks like a construction site so I haven’t be able to see the beauty in it just let, but I have found a few other things around that make my heart smile:

Rowland Paws. Tiger and Me.
His new pit pup. The cutest dog ever. One reason is because he follows him around everywhere. Their bond is amazing to me, even though I feel like Tiger (the pit pup) is trying to take my place!


Alston Loop Pines - Rowland, NC
These pine trees in front of dad’s house are easily 50 years old on land that once belonged to his parent’s parent’s (and possibly further back).

Tiger, Fathers Day 2013

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