I just received a serious inquiry to decorate a Facebook friend’s house. What?! That is so awesome to me. I’ve never seen myself as an interior designer, but that’s true about other things I have successfully¬† completed as well. Sometimes I feel like I am doing too much with my creativity because there is so much that I have in my head that I want to share, but who said it can’t all be connected!?

Not only does someone want to pay me to come to Atlanta, Georgia (about¬†5 hours from where I live), I also had someone suggest opening a small store to sell some of the items I have created. My first thought was “but it’s do it yourself”, then I was like well…do it yourself within your means! So, maybe it’s not in your cards to create certain things. The ironic thing about Laura Liz suggesting I open a store it that I have definitely thought to do that before. I have so much I would sell. Baby steps though, renting space costs money!

If I am going to give this a serious try, I have to get started. Bye!

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