I can’t tell you how palette crazy I am! I think it was the cutest idea to create functional pieces from reclaimed wood, palettes, old items around the house, etc. I used to go to furniture stores and walk right back out because nothing was ever in my budget. My budget is extremely modest these days because I have put myself on a student loan repayment plan. This plan ties up any extra money I have at the end of my bills, to pay extra towards my student loans. Right now I have put my self about 2 years ahead of schedule to pay off the highest interest loan that I have. I’ll probably write about that later.

So, I never actually said it, but this is a wooden palette creation (inspired from Pintrest as well). I found a palette that was slimmer than most and thought it would be great for an end table. Normally I get my wood cut at Lowes, but that’s when I buy it in pieces. Since palettes are already assembled, they won’t cut them. I knew at this point that I would be creating pieces in the future, so I decided to invest in an electric wood cutter (I’m sure that’s not the technical name for it). This tool cost me about $39.97 on sale. Yes! I love reduced priced items.

DIY: End Table (1 of 2)

I cut the palette at both ends. This left a piece in the middle (that I later used to create a small shelf that I will post later). I was going to cut it in half, but the brackets at the bottom would only support a 12 inch ledge.

I had to add a piece of wood that I was able to get from the scrap pile at Lowes for a small fee because the gaps in the palette were too far apart to hold anything on the surface. I had to add “l shaped” brackets at the front for support. I’m sure you can tell, but I am obsessed with black furniture, so I spray painted them black.

For the finishing touch and so that it can hang on the wall, I added decorative brackets at the bottom. These are actually small enough to use as a shelve too, but enough space on top to double as a table.

This project cost about $34.74:

  • Wood palette – FREE
  • L shaped brackets – $3.75 each (4 total – 2 for each table)
  • Decorative brackets – $10.54 (4 total – comes in packs of 2 at $5.27)
  • 3 cans of black spray paint – $2.30 each

If you chose to do this, feel free to try different sizes. Just remember to have a plan before you start!


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