I AVOIDED joining Pinterest for months, close to a year, because I didn’t feel like I needed another addiction! I finally caved in when a friend of mine (thanks, Elle Michelle) showed me another DIY project for a coffee table. And that is how I got hooked. I saw a lot of great ideas for repurposing wooden palettes. LOVE THIS IDEA. I would make everything in my house out of palettes if that weren’t tacky. My first stab at transforming old palettes was this lovely wine rack.

DIY - Wine Rack with Stemware Holder
DIY – Wine Rack with Stemware Holder

I couldn’t WAIT to hang this. The total cost for this project was under $20. Estimated at $16.74 (I made the 74 cent part up). Here’s the breakdown of the cost:

  • Wooden Palette – FREE
  • Hooks on back to hang – $1.18 for two (one on each side)
  • Almond color spray paint – $3.00
  • Two (single row – they also come in multi row) under cabinet stemware rack – $5.99 each from the Container Store (if you do not have one near you, use a search engine to locate a store that may carry them)

The palette doesn’t have a support system on the bottom, so you have to add that. Luckily I had scrap wood from the platform bed I made a few years ago, so I was able to use that (score)! I used heavy duty nails (3 nails total) because this rack holds up to 10 bottoms of regular size wine bottles and that’s a lot of weight (these nails were also from when I made the bed). Make sure to sand the wood (I purchased a sander from Walmart for less than $30) or else the spray paint may not take the way you want.

Once your paint has dried completely, add the stemware racks for the final finished look!

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